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Image by Megan Erasmus



This body of work consists of ten digital photographic images. These images are the result of layered and reworked family portraits of three generations. Features from different family members were carefully selected and manipulated to create a new portrait, photographed, printed on transparency paper, layered and photographed with different light settings from behind. This caused the images to portray colours of bruising. The images were then layered and photographed again. This process is repeated. Information (genetic heritage) has been added and taken away with great precision, making the medium a metaphor for the works of art. 


Discovering the Beauty and Terror of Science in the Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes accurately describes what has happened here. In an almost Frankenstein way, as if by candlelight, these beautiful monsters were created, using the delicate language of the human genome. These images are portrayed as monsters lamenting loneliness in poignantly poetic language. The poetry of Gillian K Ferguson from the volume; The Human Genome: Poems on the Book of Life were used as titles and underwriting for these images. 


Titles: Poetry by Gillian K Ferguson (see catalogue above for details)

Megan Erasmus

Digital Portraiture on Hannemeulen Paper

841 x 1189 mm

Edition of 10


Copyright reserved by the artist. Price upon request.

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