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Main objective

As a curator, I have experience working with artists and designers from a variety of fields. Thorough research is done on any topic to ensure that an exhibition is grounded in theory and that the latest knowledge about the topic is included or considered. Working mostly with contemporary art, I believe that it is important to combine good concepts in an edgy manner. Playful impacts, professionally considered, subtly mesmerised, perfectly executed. I believe that a space should be respectfully approached within the discipline of art you are dealing with. This allows for the enhancement of an artwork, not the over powering of it.

Art Event Management

Apart from curating, I have the ability to manage various art spaces and art events. I follow a detailed approach, ensuring all aspects are considered.


Need a fresh perspective on exisiting projects, advice on how to enhance viewer experience on new exhibitions or do you need a curator for a completely new venture? Assembling is an important and fantastic part of curating. Sometimes a new input can shift your exhibition from great to glorious. I also offer advice on exhibition design to ensure your exhibition conveys its purpose in its totality.

Conceptualisation and research

As a qualified researcher, I am able to do thorough research in multidisciplinary fields. I also specialise in conceptualisation, grounding visual ideas in theory.  

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Artworks availability for exhibitions

I offer a range of prints and animations for exhibitions. For a list of previous exhibitions and installation views, please visit my portfolio.

Sales of artworks

All artworks come in a variety of limited editions. Sizes variable. For a full pricelist, please send an email to or send a message via the Contact link

Workshops & guest lecturing

As a qualified researcher and professional fine artist, I offer lectures on my methodology, concept development, trend-watching and application of a variety of computer-based techniques.


For commission based artworks please send an email to or send a message via the Contact link


Whether it is conceptually or through practical application, you are welcome to contact me for possible artistic collaborations.

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Concept writing

Concept writing for exhibitions emerged through years of developing a method to create my own artworks. I have always believed in the importance of grounding visual practice in well developed concepts. As a qualified researcher, I like to explore a concept extensively. Historical origin, similar perspectives, interdisciplinary approaches and alternative views all form part of the process to narrow down and focus a concept into its own original piece of magic. Whether it is for creating art or curating art, my approach is the same. A comprehensive overview, a process of elimination, a focussed approach and a professional yet enchanting use of language allow me to capture the essence of an exhibition in written word. My main aim is to encourage the imagination of the viewer before engaging with the visual sensation.

Experiential design

The natural next step after a concept has been defined, would be the marketing aspect of an exhibition. I have over 10 years experience as a freelance graphic designer. I focus my skills on the marketing material for art exhibitions and events. This service includes the designing of invitations, e-vites, websites, signage, labels and all stationary associated with an exhibition. It is an extension of my belief of the importance of good exhibition design, ensuring a visual consistency from start to finish. Whether it is to oversee or to personally extend concept into visual message, I believe that to truly achieve an intended experience for the viewer, the curating of finer details is a necessity.

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