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I am a South African curator and professional fine artist currently residing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am the owner of a sole proprietorship company, specialising in exhibition curating, professional art practice, concept development, art event management, gallery management, exhibition design and visual communication. I have exhibited and curated both locally and internationally. I have been exhibiting professionally since 2007. My artworks are included in public and private collections. Furthermore, I am currently busy with a PhD focussing on relationship between nature and technology through contemporary bio art. In 2015 I completed a Master’s degree in Visual Arts within the interdisciplinary field of art and science, specialising in bio art and ethics. 


As a curator, I have spent the last few years focussing on the expansion of my knowledge within the private sector of curating. Refining my skills and elaborating my own brand has been top priority for my business. I currently focus on exhibitions where multiple disciplines of art, science, technology and design overlap, exploring and introducing new media with intricate concepts to the public. Since 2014, various services have been executed in both traditional and contemporary art exhibitions, including traditional and contemporary African art, traditional and contemporary international art, academic art, educational art, social art, bio art, tech art, sound art, kinetic art, sustainable art and design, wearable art and more. The beauty about new media art is its dynamic nature to introduce important concepts where life as we know it is in play. The problem is often its accessibility to the broader public. Through carefully considered curatorship, strong artworks and creative execution, art can shed light on issues from complex communal systems to private inner thoughts.

For a complete career profile, please view the full CV below. For further details about the work, please use the navigation at the top of this page to browse services and portfolio of curatorial projects and artworks.


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