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Image by Megan Erasmus



The stillframe animation relates to the body of work Human Becoming by illustrating the human being’s descent and ascent into the wild instinctive self. The work illustrates that the filtering process of the triune brain is an individual struggle. The triune brain is a concept developed by Paul MacLean. According to MacLean the brain consists of three parts namely the Mammalian brain, the Neo-Mammalian brain and the Reptilian brain, which is the part of the brain where we share the same ancient emotions with reptiles and mammals.


This stop-frame animation shows the relationship between animal instinctual emotions and refined human behaviour. The video works mostly with the primitive emotions of anger, seeking, lust and fear, as identified by Panksepp in the readings of George W. Ellis.


At the end of the animation, it becomes clear that a human being becomes and survives both his and hers collective gene pool as well as his and hers specific DNA.


Megan Botha Human Becoming
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Human Becoming

Megan Erasmus

Still Frame Animation

Edition of 6


Copyright reserved by the artist. Price upon request.

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