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MARCH 2017

Image by Anagram




Door into the Dark: The Encounters in another world, a journey through the unknown that leads to new insights and transformation: the award-winning installation Door into the Dark re-invents the art of storytelling by revisiting some of the oldest themes known to man. Created by the British collective Anagram this immersive documentary tale of what it means to be lost, to lose yourself and to find your way again can now be experienced in mainland Europe for the first time, in a coproduction of MU and STRP BIËNNALE 2017 from March 16 to April 17.

Blindfolded, barefoot and alone you enter the dark, with only a rope to guide you – and the voice of a narrator who accompanies you throughout the trip. Along the way you meet several people who tell you about the experiences that changed their lives. The encounters take you deep into their world of sensation, risk and illusion. To find your way back out into the light, you must surrender to the unknown.

Door into the Dark is a compelling documentary experience about what it means to be lost in an era of infinite information. It is a combination of a radio play, GPS technology and immersive theatre. Digital technology rarely felt so natural.

“I found Door into the Dark to be a transformative experience. When I exited, I had a whole new relationship to my body and my other senses. I have been through many immersive experiences at festivals and Door intos the Dark definitely stands out as one of the most powerful. I will never forget it.“
Sarah Wolozin, Director of MIT Open Doc Lab

Whatever becomes of storytelling in a post-truth world, Door into the Dark offers a direction forward. MU and STRP proudly invite you to enter the unknown. This is a labyrinth; for now, all you need to do is follow the rope.

Winner of the 2015 Storyscapes Award at Tribeca film festival

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Created by the British collective Anagram in a coproduction of MU and STRPBIËNNALE 2017 


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